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Sunday Night 8.16.15

God’s Story, Our Story, Your Story

We have begun a new series that is focusing on how all of our stories intertwine. How my story becomes your story, how your story becomes my story, and how God’s story becomes our story. This series¬†stems from Jesus talking to his disciples in Mathew 9 about how there are not many workers in the the fields and the harvest is plentiful. But what are these workers suppose to be doing, and why is there so much harvest? Jesus is calling us to share our story with others, share God’s story with others, and allow others’ story to be shared with us.

God has invited us into a relationship with Him. When we accept the invitation and begin to grow with Him, our natural progression is for us to want to have others begin to experience what we have. Right?

In this series we are going to help students understand how to go through the progression of talking to their friends about God. Here is what we have covered so far:

Week 1: Having Compassion for others- In order for us to want to begin telling someone about Jesus, we must first wake  up to the fact that everyone needs a Savior. Do you just blow people off before meeting them or do you look at them as Jesus would see them?

Week 2: Behind The Mask- As you begin to notice and have compassion for people, you will want to understand more about them. The unfortunate thing about understanding is that when we meet people we are not privileged in knowing who these people really are. Most of the time we see a mask. A front. For us to be able to share Jesus with our peers we need to not look at what’s going on with the outside part of a person, but instead learn and listen for what’s going on in the inside.

Week 3: (Current week) Building Friendships- Now that we have seen behind the mask, we can begin to form a real friendship with them. This requires us to spend time with them. Hanging out will make a difference in creating opportunities for you to talk about Jesus.

Come join us for our Story series on Sunday Nights from 6-8p!

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