Heart For Service 8.2.15

At Highway 111 there has been a challenge for us to have a heart for service.

We called on the kids to realize that:

1. They are God’s masterpiece. (God created us to be different and unique. This kicked off our wall Mural that, in the end, created a massive heart.) Each week our students wrote on the back of the pieces of paper something that made them unique and placed them in the mural.

Heart for service

2. If you want to be great…Serve! We learned about the difference of servant leadership and authoritative leadership. Being a servant will show how you make yourself second and others first and how not to lead by demanding others.

3. Congratulations, You’re gifted! God has placed in us the desire to use our gifts and talents to serve Him by seeking out the needs of others. We are not all the same! We each like and enjoy different things, and God wants to use us differently.

4. Something Bigger. We talked about becoming a part of something bigger TODAY and not waiting till later to make an impact. this lead us into our Local Missions week.

5. Serving from experience. Guest speaker Fred Schmitt came to Highway 111 and shared with us how important it is that we use our experiences in life to help others.



6. Serving with Passion. We are all passionate about something. Family, sports, food, friends, games. Here is a myth: Serving God will never be enjoyable. God wants you to step out of your comfort zone to do what is tough. Nowhere in the Bible does God say you have to be a person who is miserable before you are actually serving God. God doesn’t really want to make you miserable. It might be uncomfortable, but to make you miserable is not his goal. He wants you to use your passion to discover where you can effectively minister.

God is moving at Highway 111. We hope you join us as we move into our next series called “You Story is My Story- My Story is Your Story” that starts this week with Eli Passen speaking about Having compassion for people.