Local Missions 2015

Over the past 5 weeks we have been digging into what it means to have a heart for service. All this was leading up to our main event: Local Missions 2015. Three teams of 43 students and 10 adults decided to participate with us, and it quickly became an event to be remembered.

There are always those moments where God can take the most unlikely circumstances and turn them into lasting Spirit filled experiences. Local Missions has never been known for taking an easy, or all fun and games. It’s known for students giving up a part of their summer to help those who can’t do it on their own. This was the case for Linda Foster, Nancy and Chuck Reburn, Green County Soccer, and Jane Elliott. Each of these locations represents a need that God revealed himself for us to meet. Every project was positive, uplifting, and finished without hindrance. Through this I hope we all have seen what a difference we can make when we are putting ourselves second and allowing God to lead. Even through the weed pulling, hammering, cutting down trees, carrying wood, painting, cleaning, moving, fixing, repairing, and building we can still see clearly how God can use us to impact others around us.

Along with the work we also had a little fun on the side. Here’s a few things that might have happened/not happened… over the week: Intense 9 square in the air (of course), Air soft wars every night, spoons, Murder (wink), video games, more 9 square, dancing, survivor (cookies and spoons video), Nerf wars, marshmallow wars, our story devotions, 9 square in the air, basketball, air hockey, Ninja, fires, softball, swimming, the insane amount of clapping,  and to cap it all off– Sky Zone!

Thank you to all who allowed God to use you during Local Missions 2015. Great work- It was an awesome week!

Video: 9 Square bully  / Collin having fun  / Boys driving /

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