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Highway 111 Series: 1 Lord

Say hi to my boy Finley! Awesome little dude! (Thought the picture would be cute)


Jesus: There is only 1 Lord, and that is me.

You: 1 Lord? But I like to be lord! Lord of my stuff. Lord of my reputation. Lord of my relationships. Lord of my choices. I like being lord of my life!

Jesus: Have you ever accepted me to be your savior?

You: Yes. Best decision ever! Of course Jesus. Your the answer to everything!

Jesus: Making that decision meant you were making Me Lord. Your life is no longer yours. It’s mine. I can’t be Lord if you don’t let me. Either you let me rule your throne or you keep what you have and continue to reject me.

You: Well I… but Jesus you don’t unders…ugh… you see Jesus here’s how it is…um…


Seems about right doesn’t it? We might not be having this verbal exchange with our King, but our tendencies run right along with this line of thinking. How much does it take before you have completely pushed Him aside and you become lord of your life?

Sunday night we plunged into Matthew 2:1-20. Yes that’s right, the story about Jesus’ birth. But we didn’t focus so much on Jesus and his birth as we did on the fact that there were 2 kingdoms colliding with each other. King Herod’s selfish and fleshly kingdom and the Kingdom of God who came in the form of a baby. One kingdom was pulling because of heritage and politics. The other was the creator of all things and was sent from Heaven. One kingdom destroyed what was a threat to his rule, the other Kingdom was here to seek and save all mankind. One brought pain and suffering, the other brought peace and joy.

We are under war friends. We are in a battle that is real and going on at this moment. What side do you choose? Will you depend on yourself and your own paths, or will you decide to join Jesus and allow Him to sit where you don’t belong…on the throne of your heart?

Join us next Sunday as we dive into the next part of our series: 1 Faith


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See you guys Sunday!!!