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Imitate Jesus

Over the last 5 weeks we have been looking at what it means to be like Jesus. Sounds crazy right? To be like Jesus? It is not an easy task because he is perfect. To try to be like him would probably require us to have a lot of help. The good think about the help: IT’S AVAILABLE!!! The bad thing that we think of when it comes to using the help that’s available: it takes up more of our time.

You see, God gives us the help we need in order to become a follower of Jesus. The help is real, tangible, and it comes in many different forms.

The past 5 weeks we have been exploring what those helps are. These include: praying, listening to Christian music, journaling our prayers, having spiritual conversations, and doing devotions.

We have explored each of these in different ways. We have given away free CD’s for you to listen too. We have had you guys write modeled prayers, asked you to carry them around with you, and when you got them out to say the prayer. We have challenged you guys to start reading through the book of John. We asked you guys to journal a prayer 3 times during the week. Each of these were different avenues that you could have used to grow yourself with God. We hope that you took the challenges and at least tried some of them. God wants you to grow with him and you might not know it now, but you do want to grow with him as well.




Caroline Wilson with “THE MAN” Finley! (This was a part of our series where we asked you guys to “Give God Five” minutes a day)


Journal 3 times in 1 week a prayer to God


Read John


The prayer we asked you guys to carry around with you and pray whenever you saw it.