Thank You Kyle Ellis!

Sunday night was Kyle’s last service @ HWY 111 and it was one we will always remember. Kyle has been serving in the ministry for 9 months but he’s has been around most of his life.

Kyle recalls being a part of Highway 111 when they were meeting in a trailer. He was able to watch it grow into the ministry that it is today. He also said that he very proud to have been through all the shifts and changes that has occurred throughout the years.

From all of us at Highway 111, we want to thank you for your time and service with us. Thank you for the lives that you invested in, thank you for the wisdom that you brought, and thank you most of all for showing us what it looks like to be a Kingdom worker.

We are proud that you have chosen to continue to be selfless and serve our country. God is using you in many incredible ways. Good luck and may the memories that we created be ones that will continue to shape you.

We love you Kyle!!!