You Have Arrived!!!

Arrived is our annual event that we host @ Highway 111 for our incoming 7th grade class.

Our goal is to make this transition for the students and their parents as seamless as possible through informing and showing you who/what we are as a ministry.


What to expect:

Why? We want the students and parents to feel comfortable with the change that will be happening. We want to show you where we are going, how we are getting there, and give you a glimpse of what Highway 111 looks like on Sunday Nights.

For who? Parents and Students are invited

When? On June 5th we will be meeting from 4:30-5:30 with Tyler and the Highway 111 Volunteers.

What will happen? The meeting will be all the information you will need to get yourselves aquatinted with Highway 111. We will have special activities planned for the night geared towards including the incoming 7th graders and we invite both the parents and students to stay for our evening service from 6-8p.



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