Sunday Review 7.12.15

A night filled with special guests, it was anything but uneventful.

After a few games of Mario Kart Double Dash where Tyler Hodson dominated to competition and claimed the Marion Kart King title, and the ferocious 9-square stand-off; we came together to talk about becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Following the theme of having a heart for service, special guest, Zach Clifford, brought a message of hope that we can serve and still be a part of the Kingdom of God. He reminded us that just because we serve doesn’t mean that we will be a part of His Kingdom, but we serve because we want to be like Jesus and imitate how he served the people around Him.

Ultimately, we were pushing for students to make a commitment to join us for Local Missions from July 20-24, and it was a success. We have over 30 students who have made a decision to use a small part of their summer and join the 2015 Local Missions team!

We had another special guest, the man himself, the guru of making himself look like a crazy Jesus fan, Archie Ellett- was in the house. He came and talked to us about why Local Missions became a part of Highway 111 and how it has changed him and countless other teenagers who have chosen to serve during the week.

Click the link to see/hear his great singing ability.

Archie Singing


The Wall Mural of your guys’ pictures is starting to come together. We hope you are able to come and join us as we continue to add the uniqueness of ourselves to the wall. (We have you write what makes you unique on the the back of the image and add it to the wall of other images)

Remember, we are here every Sunday Night from 6-8p. Don’t miss it!


Zach and Archie