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CIY BELIEVE Kingdom Worker OPEN Challenge 3


Last Challenge! Make it Happen!

When we think about treasure it’s easy for our minds to go straight to jewels and riches. But God defines treasure differently. Matthew 6:21 says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. 
So God’s definition of treasure is anything your heart finds valuable. God wants us value Him and His Kingdom above everything else. When we do that it allows us to be OPEN with the other things we value like our phones, our clothes, and even our money.

Click on the video below to hear Mike’s challenge to be open with something that we treasure.

Challenge #3 – Treasure from Christ In Youth

After the video- pray this prayer

Dear God, thank you for all that I have. I confess that I sometimes value other things in my life over you.  Help me to keep you at the center of my heart and to be open with the treasures that you give me. As I do, please use those treasures to expand your Kingdom in my own community and around the world. Please walk with me and teach me about your generosity as I complete this challenge.


If you would like to help Jasper raise up Kingdom Workers in Ireland, follow these steps:

1. Take your $7 and this app/website to your parents.

2. Explain this challenge to your parents and how you would like to give your $7 to help Jasper. You can use the following information and video about Jasper to help your parents understand why you would like to give to help Jasper.

About Jasper 

God continues to call the ministry of CIY to amplify Christ’s call on students’ lives to be Kingdom workers in bigger and bigger ways. One door He has opened is in expanding CIY’s ministry throughout Europe. To help with that, CIY has contracted Irish-native Jasper Rutherford.
For many years, Jasper has been involved with a ministry in Northern Ireland that reaches out to young people throughout the country.

About five years ago, CIY leadership met with Jasper to talk about ways in which the ministry of CIY was being called to amplify Christ’s call on students’ lives to be Kingdom workers in Ireland and throughout Europe. Over the past five years, God has made it clear that CIY and Jasper would together work toward developing the first event and making available resources to the young people of Ireland. On Sept. 1, 2016, CIY officially contracted Jasper to help direct those efforts.

Jasper has a unique story that goes back to a childhood filled with fear because of the violence prevalent in Ireland due to fights between Catholics and Protestants. Jasper has such a deep passion for bringing unity to God’s church, and that passion makes him a perfect servant for God and a perfect partner for CIY.


Believe 2016 – Jasper App Video from Christ In Youth


With your parents permission, download the CIY BELIEVE App from your app store. Click the menu button in the top left corner. Click KW OPEN CHALLENGE. Click Day 3- TREASURE. Scroll to the bottom to select a way to donate to Jasper. Either through TEXT or ONLINE.