Jr. and Sr. High Students

May 21st



Blitz Party Live shows up and throws down an on-stage event for middle and high school students all about games, a dance party and Jesus’ love! It’s new and not like anything you’ve seen before! Nothing else like this.

It’s like a rave. But it’s not.
It’s like a game night. But it’s not.
It’s like a concert. But it’s not.

Blitz Party Live is happening at LFCC. Wired for students, this event mixes a dance party with onstage challenges that keep the whole room moving/dancing/shouting/PARTYING. It’s the opposite of generic or boring!

Fused into the dance party atmosphere is a message of Jesus’ love and the party He has planned for His believers in heaven. Never preachy, this event is non stop action!


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