MOVE 2019


July 20-26

Cleveland, TN 

Early Bird Discount: $200 (Ends January 27th)

Regular Price: $400 (After January 27th)

Fundraising is available

Registration cut off is May 12th
If you miss the deadline, you can still sign up to 1 week after May 13th Cost increases by $50
Must be paid in full by June 2nd

Leaving Saturday, July 20th @ 8am
Returning Friday, July 26th @ 5p




We asked them, “What was God telling you this week?”

Audrey Elliott: I walked away this week with knowing that God loves me and he is ready for me to further my life as a Child of God and a Kingdom Worker.

Jade Geatchen: HE’s always there for us even in the worst moments. HE has bigger plans for us.

Katrina Zimmerly: Jesus has impacted me in many ways at CIY. But I walked away knowing that I need to do more work for His kingdom.

Summer Blanton: This week really hit me because I’m shy and typically don’t open up and express what I feel but Jill and all of you guys who spoke to us really made me think it’s okay to share things because everyone messes up at some point, it’s just the matter of what you do to redeem yourself with God. Katryna Kate Emma caitlin and I have some plans for school that Jill said she would help us with so I can’t wait to continue building with my relationship with God and hopefully helping others realize that God is in them too

Caitlin Emmons:  I learned that the right thing to do is take our failures to the cross and it’s okay to be open with your leaders. 

Ashlyn Hunley: God showed me i need to spread his word and that i need to really dig into the word so i can strengthen my relationship with him. I need to pray about things and ask God about them and not try to deal with problems and issues myself. I need to work on going to God in prayer in both good times and bad to talk to him.

Ian Staggs: This week has been hugely impactful on my life. I have felt feelings that I have been longing for, but I couldn’t reach on my own. Worship was such an awesome experience and I connected with GOD in a way I never have before. I am not going to try to be a Kingdom Worker. I am going to be one.

Alandra Brinegar: God showed me that it’s important to talk to others in order to remain faithful. He led me back on the path that I needed to be on in order to be the Godly person that I want to be. 


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