“No Signal” – This Week’s Message From Eli Passen

Hey everyone, this is Eli Passen. My parents are Curt and Jane Passen. My dad is the worship minister out at the big church, and during the week he works at Greene County General Hospital. My mom is the director of the preschool that goes on throughout the school year here at LFCC. Most people don’t know there is a preschool but there is. I have three brothers, Gunnar, Trey, and Jaden. Gunnar is the oldest, and Trey and Jaden are younger than me. Gunnar has a family of his own now. He has a wife Chelsea, a little boy named Kadyn, and another little boy on the way in November named Kian.

I have been the youth ministry intern here at LFCC, and it has been a lot of fun. I got to learn a lot about youth ministry specifically and ministry in general. I got the opportunity to speak at the youth house and the opportunity to give a message at the big church. Being at the church week to week has shown me that being a minister can be a lot of work but it is definitely rewarding. The weeks here at the church can get very busy and stressful but they pay off. I love being the intern here and I hope that I will eventually be in a church that is similar to this one.

In the fall, I will be attending Indiana Wesleyan University to study Christian Ministries. I plan on becoming an adult minister or a youth minister somewhere. I don’t know where at yet but I know it will probably be in a bigger city somewhere. I love Indiana Wesleyan’s campus and I am excited on going there in the fall. I am going to miss my family and friends but I am ready to be on my own for a little bit and experience it.

Eli is bringing the word to us this Sunday night as he talks about how we can connect with God!  It’s going to be good…