The Band Is Back!

The band has taken a few weeks off and made some changes.

First off they took the music book and threw it out the window.  Then they picked out 7 brand new songs and they have been practicing (well, really it is 6 brand new songs and one old song that everyone loves).  They are just about ready to play.  They band will be back this Sunday night, August 17th.  They will be leading us with three of the new songs they have been working on.

I’ve been able to hear them practice over the last few weeks.  I’ll tell you what I told them: When they first started practicing a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure they’d be ready for this Sunday night.  But after hearing tonight’s practice, I can tell it’s all coming together and it is going to be good.

Drew has decided to step away and Alyson Sparks has stepped up to take her spot.  I am going to miss Drew up there, but Alyson is doing a great job.  Most of the rest of the band will not be too different, except that Eli is leaving for college soon, so we’d love to find another bass player.  If you know how to play base (young or old are welcome), or you always wanted to play (Brent says he’ll teach anyone and it’s easy), then find me and we’ll get you plugged in!

I’m looking forward to this Sunday.  It’s going to be loud!