Ultimate Food!

On Sunday night, August 3rd, we played a game called Ultimate Food.  This game is a messy variation of Ultimate Frisbee, which is a variation of football.  Ultimate food is played with some type of food instead of a football or frisbee.  If you have the “ball,” you can take 3 steps before you have to pass it off.  Your team needed to work together to get the ball into the endzone.

We played four rounds which different type of food:

  1. Whoppers from Burger King – rubber banded together so they’d stay together
  2. Frozen pizza – they had pretty much thawed by the time we got them out to play so the players just smashed them into a ball
  3. A whole rotisserie chicken – it exploded about 30 seconds into the third round.
  4. A two foot frozen carp – it had started to thaw and was the perfect combination of slimy and smelly.

Check out some media from the night: