NewsSunday Night

Prayer Finale!

Highway 111 had a chance to enter into the new part of the building and write prayers all over the walls and floors. Nursery, Worship, Fellowship hall, children classes, and Kids kingdom each has 70+ prayers written in their areas. Our students covered the new addition with their prayers. Our main focus of the night was that the people who enter would experience Jesus in a way they never have before. Whether it’d by the people/children who attend, the various ministries presented each Sunday morning, through the services or the many volunteers who are dedicated to showing the love of Jesus… we prayed for everyone and everything.

We are blessed to have a building where we can meet but the most important part of all this is that we would continue to TRUST in God and allow him to use us to do big things for His kingdom!

I am proud of our students and the HWY 111 volunteers for creating a night of challenge and purpose.

Check out some of the pictures of who was there and what they did!

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