MOVE 2016

Sr. High CIY MOVE is upon us and it is time to reserve your spot. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this awesome opportunity to experience God like never before.


Here are the quick details:

July 4-9 (Leaving AFTER the parade)

Holland, MI (We will be staying at Hope College)

$300 (fundraisers are available)

Registration cut off and you must be paid in full by May 1st

Testimonials from your friends:

“I want you to go to MOVE because it is the best experience that I ever had with Christ. I got to see things through a new mindset. My heart changed with the sermons, and I told my story which felt great to tell. I met new people and got to make new friends. The acceptance and respect you feel there is unreal, but its so very true. If you just try and come, you can just listen and reflect on your life. God has taught me to never give up and that I am so very loved.”
– Nicole LaPoint
“Move is a great experience for all! From the little fun things to the serious moments! And I know I’m not a perfect Christian and none of us are. I seem to stray away from God far too often and when I come to CIY he moves through me and changes my heart and changes my course to walk along his path! The food is great! The dorms and dorm mates are great! We have tons and tons of fun playing games, participating in tournaments, and listen to concerts. It’s a great time and God is always moving in us! The Lord is with us always! The one thing that stood out to me most is that “I CAN NOT DO IT ALONE!” I need God to help me with everything! Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!”
– Cody Corbin
“You need Jesus and sometimes you feel super far away and you don’t know how to find him. And even if you feel really close to God, CIY is a great place to wing yourself off milk and go for the good stuff like steak. And if you are that person that feels far away, CIY will make your hurt burn with a passion of God. That closeness you get on this trip with your friends and especially God is unbelievable. And you don’t want to miss this.”
– Josh Jones
“At MOVE you will experience something like nothing else. Through the people you meet and the speakers and the band it is hard to define how the week will make you feel and how you will change. The people are some of nicest! The messages will change how you think about God and yourself.God has taught me that no one is alone and that no one will ever be alone.”
-Ella McKinney
Want to see more? Watch the videos below to get a glimpse of what you’ll be experiencing.

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