KW Week

Kingdom Worker Week

November 5-11

What is KW Week?

The Kingdom worker movement has spread from school campuses to basketball courts to bakeries and beyond. From big cities to country churches, Christians are following Jesus in Kingdom work.

This November, Kingdom workers from around the world will come together to celebrate the good things God is doing through His people. CIY Æffect and HWY 111 invites you to be a part of KW7 2017, November 5-11. Through live events, on-demand media, and daily challenges all delivered straight to your mobile devices, Kingdom Worker Week will help you mobilize and empower your influence in Greene County.

Each day you’ll have access to new, fresh content, never-before-seen videos, games, audio devotionals, blogs, etc. The content will change every day, guaranteeing that each day of Kingdom Worker Week is its own experience.



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It’s online? Like on the internet?
Yes. The worldwide web. All of the programming is digital and accessible on your mobile device or computer.

So it’s a conference?
We prefer online gathering. It has all of the content you would get from a conference (teaching, devotionals, group challenges, fun surprises) but it is all delivered straight to your phone.

What makes it a gathering?
There will be people from all over the country that will be participating throughout the week. We’re expecting nationwide engagement. Plus, it’s a fun reason for your youth group or church to get together and do Kingdom work.

And what do I get out of it?
There will be a fresh interactive devotional (we call them Æxperiences) on the KW7 website each day. And we’ll be broadcasting a live show on Facebook each night from various locations around the US.

Is Facebook the one my mom sells Essential Oils on?
That’s the one.

You mentioned that Kingdom Worker Week will mobilize people. How so?
On the last day, you’ll get an email with your KW7 Party Pack, a 24-hour Kingdom Worker Challenge and experience. Our hope is that people all across the country help us pull off a large, concentrated moment of Kingdom Worker Challenge.

Where will you be broadcasting?
Well since you brought it up… Can we come to your church or house? We’re looking for youth groups that can host us for one night in November. (((( Tyler has requested that CIY come to LINTON, INDIANA!!!! Let’s hope they pick us!

Who is this for?
Students who desire to be Kingdom workers.

That reminds me. What’s a Kingdom worker?
A Kingdom worker is a follower of Jesus who desires to use their talents, gifts and abilities for the sake of the Gospel.

Is KW7 designed for groups or individuals?
Exactly! We hope that you get together with friends to watch the KW7 Show each night but we’re designing KW7 for you to use as you see fit.

Is there a hashtag?
Of course. It’s 2017. Post stuff with #kw7 and you’ll be in the loop.

Is Kingdom Worker Week a boy or a girl?
We don’t know yet! But we’re going to do a gender reveal party in October.

Wait? What?
Trust us. It’ll all make sense. Follow us!!!!