Highway 111 Sunday Night Review 6.21.15

Here is what happened Sunday night:

Balloon pop

What we took home with us: God has forgiven- whether you think you need it or not.

In Luke 7:36-43 Jesus enters the house of Simon the pharisee. While Jesus was eating, a woman came to him and began to clean his feet. She didn’t use a towel or basin, but instead her hair and tears. She had heard what Jesus has to offer… forgiveness. She was weary of her current life and needed rest.

While this was going on, judgement and blindness was seething from Simon and the other religious leaders. They were staring at a sinner and not at a woman who needed to be forgiven. While Simon was blind and embarrassed, it never once crossed his mind that he was in need of that forgiveness.

In this story that Jesus tells he shows that no matter how great or small that burden that you carry is- he has forgiven you. It’s your choice now to remove the scales from your eyes and see you for who you really are… a tainted creation in need of a Savior.